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Winning Market Segments

Low-AUM Investors
Instead of giving the emerging affluent investors in your marketplace (i.e. those below your asset minimums) to pure-play Robo-Advisors, you can offer essentially the same service package but with your own advice and business model.  Your clients gain the benefit of your investment expertise and local presence while you turn a low-profit market into one with high margins that you own 100%.

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Clients’ Adult Children
You love referrals from clients, but it becomes awkward when a client’s children or friends don’t meet your asset minimums for your full service package (in order for you to earn your target profit margin). With Avenue, you can offer your investment and advice program to these referrals with highly attractive margins. And, these clients will grow in value over time (via wealth transfers) to your full service.

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Fee-Sensitive Investors
Some investors, even those that meet your AUM minimums, are fee sensitive yet they also want supplementary professional planning advice and oversight; they want a portion of Do-it-Yourself with a portion of your guidance. Avenue gives you a highly cost effective investment service to combine with your supplemental oversight program (i.e. portal, email, social media, and group meetings).

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Comprehensive Functionality Tightly Fitting Your Needs

Your Advice

Your Investment Products . . . True Open Architecture

Use the products that your firm wants to use.  Those that fit your criteria; those that you believe in.

  • ETFs
  • Mutual funds
  • Separate accounts
  • Individual stocks
  • Custom products
  • Liquid alternatives

Your Models and Allocations

You set your own models and asset classes . . . as many as you want.  You set the asset allocations.  This is your investment philosophy at work for all your clients regardless of AUM.

Set models for portfolios with specific purposes such as retirement, education, time horizon, income, or liquidity.

Your Questionnaire and Scoring System

Set up as many questionnaires as you need.  For example, a questionnaire for a Millennial client or one for education funding.

A questionnaire can strictly focus on risk tolerance, or you can have a questionnaire that incorporates planning objectives, goals, and risk.  Really, any information you believe is useful in deriving an investment solution can easily be incorporated into your questionnaires.

You define the number of answers, the answer text, and the associated answer scores.  The sum of the scores selects a model linked to the questionnaire.

You have control to weight questions more highly than others.  In this way, for all your firm’s clients, the portfolio selection reflects your beliefs and advice.

The Avenue Difference

Your advice and approach are what make you different from other advisors and systems.  With Avenue Robo-4-Advisors, you stay true to who you are and what you represent.

Your Competitiveness

Your Solutions

Unlike other Robo-Advisor vendors, the solutions you create through Avenue’s analytics package and open architecture portfolio structure are unique to your firm.

Here’s the point.

If you and another firm in your local community use most other Robo-Advisor vendors’ platforms, the client solutions (profiling; portfolio models; investment products) will be the same.  In contrast, advisors using Avenue will have wholly distinguished service packages.

You compete the way you need to and the way you want.

Your Client Mix

A sustainable firm doesn’t just compete in the here and now, but with an eye to the future.

The investor market is shifting from the aging boomer to the bulging emerging affluent.  This shift will include trillions of dollars in wealth transfers over the coming two decades.

Avenue gives a highly profitable path to capturing the emerging clients’ assets now, to set up your firm’s financial foundation for future strength.

The Avenue Difference

The solutions you offer are distinct from other advisors; this secures your competitive differentiation and makes your firm more valuable.

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You Own All Revenues

With other Robo-Advisor solutions, your fee competitiveness is hampered from the start since the cost to your clients sits at, say, a 25 basis point floor (i.e. the vendor’s cost to you).  If you want to earn any revenue, then your fee is in addition and for every AUM dollar.

Avenue doesn’t have any base fee.  You set the revenue levels you want and every resulting revenue dollar belongs to you.

Your Costs . . . Fixed at Just $6,000/Yr.

If you use other Robo-Advisor vendors, a major portion of the fees your clients pay is directly passed through to the vendor; it significantly reduces your gross profits.  And, this pass-through fee is for each and every AUM dollar.

Think of Avenue as a utility.  You pay $6,000 annually and this is your sole direct cost, and it is fixed.  After your AUM revenues cover the $6,000 Avenue fee, there are no other costs for any additional AUM . . . at any time.

Your Profits

You own the revenues; your costs are fixed.  This means that after covering Avenue’s 6,000 license fee in AUM, every revenue dollar flows to your gross profit each and every year.

The Avenue Difference

You own all the revenue from the first AUM to the last.  Your costs are just $6,000 per year.  After AUM reaches breakeven for the cost, every dollar earned thereafter is your profit.

Your Clients’ Experience

Your Proposal

Whether through your automated or full-service path, you have a story to tell and you do so in a proposal.

  • The beliefs, advice, care, and comfort that forms the basis of the client’s experience.
  • How the investment solutions deliver answers to a client’s needs, anxieties, and aspirations.
  • Why your services produce valuable benefits.


With Avenue, your desired proposal – cover page, sections, content, page design, messaging – is automatically produced and delivered to each Robo-Advisor client.  Every client, regardless of AUM, receives your story the way you want it to be told.

Your Investment Policy Statement (IPS)

Sure, an IPS has an important compliance purpose,  But, in fact, your IPS reveals your firm’s investment philosophy and practices that guide portfolio design.  This is true whether a client has low AUM (i.e. experiencing your Robo-Advisor) or high AUM (i.e. via your full service).

The IPS is a guidebook for portfolio design. Most important, it sets expectations that build a foundation for a strong advisory relationship.

Your Presentation

You spend a lot of time and attention developing your firm’s culture.  This culture shows itself in how your firm presents itself, including electronically and on paper.

Aligning your Robo-Advisor offering with your firm’s overall presentation is vital in proving the advice and service continuity regardless of a client’s AUM.  This includes your chosen imagery, color scheme, terminology, and formality; all these elements are under your direct control.

Avenue’s tight integration to your website and the high-impact presentation of the proposal and IPS makes it clear that you own this service and what it represents.

The Avenue Difference

Your proposal and IPS are produced for each Robo-Advisor portfolio; it’s your story and the client experience you want delivered.

Your Operation

Your Custodian

You already have one or more custodians.  Do you really want another? Also, consider what it means to have an entirely different back-office process for your Robo-Advisor clients than your full-service clients.

If a low AUM client grows into needing your firm’s full service, the he or she will essentially require a complete changeover, from the Robo-Advisor system to your firm’s full service methods.  That’s what will happen when you use other Robo-Advisor systems.

With Avenue, you keep your existing custodian(s).  Avenue connects the entire platform to your custodian’s processes and forms, and it’s all automated up to your normal signature and funding practices.

Your operations team continues doing what is familiar and comfortable.

Your Same Operating Processes

Using your existing operation means the same order management system, fee billing, statements, and performance reports.  Whether a client is in your automated segment or full service, the operational and compliance process is the same.

With more AUM coming in from your market expansion, your operation gains greater efficiency per account through volume discounts and benefits from your back-office vendors.

The Avenue Difference

New AUM comes in but your back-office operations remain the same.  This efficiency increases profits.

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