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Expanding your marketplace with Avenue Robo-4-Advisors opens doors to greater AUM and higher valuations for your firm.  There is an efficient way to introduce this service, and our business consulting services will speed you to success.
Consulting services are included in Avenue Robo-4-Advisor’s $6,000 annual fee.
For those interested Avenue subscribers that have launched their Robo-Advisor offering, we will place you in an active peer-to-peer study group for ongoing strategic and tactical discussions.  These study groups are made up of peers that are not competing in your market but share common business concerns and interests.  We provide the group’s operations practices, leadership guide, and administrative tools.
Market segmentation principles
Setting service distinctions
Pricing tactics
Upselling triggers
Website content
Handling objections
Developing value propositions
Proposal and presentation
Compliance and operations
“This business coaching program has given me the entrepreneurial tools for a powerful edge in our market. The marketing concepts were presented logically and clearly. We have now distinguished our firm as a trusted advisor. Not only did we gain the tools to build client loyalty, but we also developed a marketing and objection-handling program that has given us the confidence to overcome obstacles and challenges from clients, competitors and the marketplace. As we moved from topic to topic, it was very useful to learn from the others in my Action Group! This program is different than all the other marketing and practice building programs I have done. The concepts and tools were taught in a very concise and logical way and allowed us to see instant results with increased revenue! Equally important, the program can be implemented immediately with little to no cost. Overall, the entire program was well organized, brilliant, and excellently taught. The topics are delivered with passion and with well-focused strategies fully in keeping with an entrepreneurial professional services firm.“

P. Kelleher; Hanover, MA

“Even though I was not able to participate in 100% of the concept sessions, this business coaching program has helped me and my practice TREMENDOUSLY. I implemented what I learned immediately and I gained a quick payoff, so much so that I started getting new clients right away. Since the beginning of the program, my practice has grown over 30%, which has kept me very busy. The business plan suggestions have kept me focused and on track of what I projected. I am continuing to go over the modules that were sent to me and the taped sessions. I will continue studying and refining in the months to come.”

F. Sariol; Santa Ana, CA

“Before the business coaching program, I would market my practice when I had time. Now, I’ve been given a program that I can execute consistently and the flow of clients to my business has accelerated more and more. A key part of my firm’s development is the support I gained from my Action Group! We had an ongoing opportunity to share thoughts and experiences, make refinements to how we executed the program, and bridge to different marketing ideas. Ultimately, I came away from the program with a clear understanding of my firm’s brand and how this translates into a total marketing effort.“

E. Smith; Salt Lake City, UT

“I LOVED our business coaching program!
I think that it helped me first and foremost gain confidence in how I present myself to my clients and in how I communicate with others about my own strengths. I told Jennifer Wilton during one of our calls that I loved it because it allowed me to own my expertise and my value in a way that I had not been taught elsewhere. I have read a dozen marketing books and attended several seminars on the topic as well as listened to tons of webinars. This coaching program was the first to teach me how to discover and embrace my core value. I’ve also been helped in understanding the proper marketing philosophy that is needed to successfully grow my practice. The workbooks and worksheets also helped me solidify my new-found knowledge and confidence into practical steps. I especially appreciated that the coaches understood that the attendees had their specific personalities and their own strengths and weaknesses. They made it clear that there is no one right way to operate, but rather each person should adopt certain tenants and apply them individually. This was the first time that marketing had been presented to me in such a clear and understandable fashion. I appreciated the role playing that we engaged in on some of the calls and the interaction between other professionals. I really gained a lot from our objection-handling meetings! I was able to learn from other women and men and it was clear there was a diversity in ages and that brought a nice perspective to the group. Thank you for running a great program!”

D. Robinson-Ocken; Bala Cynwyd, PA

“My business’ outlook has improved. Instead of trying different things and hoping one or two will work out, we now have a road map to bring our firm forward. I was surprised how effective it was to participate in the Action! Group with other professional colleagues. This really helped clarify understanding of the topic’s application and we gained additional insights. The topic most useful for me was viewing myself as the product, and this has guided us as we re-tool our stories for greater impact. This has changed how we run our business and our attention to the overall client experience from the services we deliver to how we connect with clients. We no longer view our business simply based on the documents we prepare. This program challenged our thinking, but we were pressed to move all the topics through our business because of a tight timeline. Therefore, we recommend the participants in future Action Groups stay on the weekly schedule.”

J. Udoka; Edmond, OK

“Prior to this coaching, I would not have been able to describe what it took to run a successful professional services business, but now I have the tools to properly evaluate what I am doing. The concepts have definitely made me much better in marketing and closing sales all of which will increase my visibility in the marketplace and make me more productive. However, of all the topics covered, developing my bio, mission statements, and solution stories were most useful to me. This focus helps me to make a more emotional connection with prospective clients in addition to conveying necessary facts.
Having other practitioners join me in my Action! Group proved to be very helpful. Receiving feedback from others also working toward building a successful professional services practice made me accountable for my own actions. I look forward to continuing these interactions as we challenge each other to make our practices ever more successful. The combination of written subject matter, the specific work assignments, plus the interaction with others in my Action! Group is probably as good as it can get for the opportunity to learn. If one is willing to make the time commitment and do the work involved, then I am confident his or her practice will grow significantly after implementing what is learned.”

A. Rightler; Brighton, MI

“The outlook for my practice has improved significantly since the start of the business coaching program. I now have business objectives, a planning methodology, and workflows to make client acquisition/rainmaking a reality. I learned so many great ideas that were new to me and my thinking about my business will continue to grow. What surprised me most from when we began was how immediately practical the information is, all of which can significantly increase revenue and/or client satisfaction. The program’s coaching structure worked well for me and it was very helpful to hear from others in my Action! Group that have the same concerns I have. This program is paradigm-shifting for any professional with no formal training in marketing.”

D. Duringer; Laguna Hills, CA

“I have an emerging practice that had been struggling. Like most practitioners, I began my business with training in my specialty, but not much in running a business. The coaching I have received in this program has led me to more boldness in my sales and marketing than I could have envisioned before starting. I’m active in multidisciplinary relationships and I have a clear game plan in pursuing target markets that value the benefits I offer. I see a bright future ahead for my business.”

J. Miller; Bountiful, UT

“The prospects for my business have changed substantially. It’s clear how several of the business coaching strategies we covered and implemented are starting to make a difference in my approach and my results. One major change in my thinking is marketing requires a necessary, ongoing commitment that can consume 50% of the working hours for a growing business. I had never been particularly concerned about creating a total client experience. However, creating a client experience starts with marketing and continues through to responding to clients in a caring and personal way. Another area that has helped me is developing processes for everything we do. Defining processes is easy to implement and is closely aligned with setting time budgets.
I think the centralized coaching and the work done in my Action! Group has all really worked well. I’ve learned a lot from my Action! Group and we have a common commitment to each other since we’re all in the same boat with similar insecurities. As I step back and look at the program, I think if a person would implement each of the steps involved, I think his or her business would only increase.”

D. Thesenvitz; Sioux Falls, SD

“I now have a positive outlook for my business. In building the business that I want, I realize there is an enormous amount of work, but since this program put everything into steps, it doesn’t seem so overwhelming now. Seeing key operating elements such as sales as distinct compartments allowed me to focus in these areas instead of all tasks being together. A big part of my comfort going forward is through participation in my Action! Group. Participating with other practitioners, some of whom are further along in their business-building, has been very helpful. I’m able to learn from others what is and is not working instead of going through the trial and error by myself. I would emphasize to a new participant in this program that he or she will gain the most with an open mind. For example, I was initially resistant to meeting prospects in their home, but I came to believe that this was a spectacular idea.”

J. Kunes; Chicago, IL

“I found the business coaching process very worthwhile. Each topic was thoughtful, well organized and structured. It was obvious from the initial meeting that this program is extremely intelligent and underscored with a ton of knowledge and practical ideas. In my situation, I am running a hundred miles an hour in a hundred different directions trying to establish and grow my practice, and my marketing approach reflected that chaos. It was very helpful to slow down week to week and look at one business element or concept at a time, As the concepts came forward, we moved along a path toward a systematic marketing and sales approach. I would absolutely love to go through the program again in order to keep refining the strategies and make them even more fruitful for my practice.”

L. Peterson; Omaha, NE

“I gained a new and important perspective on the value I bring to clients particularly the concept of explaining what I do in terms of the benefits my services deliver versus my degrees, certifications, and accomplishments. I found every minute of every lecture interesting. The topical webinars were very good and the fact that they were recorded and made immediately available was very helpful in case I had other commitments.”

A. Sussman; San Diego, CA

“All the topics have proven to be very beneficial, especially time budgeting, objection handling, and using benefit-based stories to communicate my solutions. I’m excited about my future and see so many new avenues to tackle.”

M. Ishman; Raleigh, NC

“I’ve learned that stories help my prospects and clients understand the benefits of the solutions I deliver. Stories keep me from getting stuck on jargon and technical information and focuses attention on what’s meaningful to the people sitting across the table from me.”

A. Bennett; New Albany, OH

“The practice coaching provided me with a wealth of information, support, and motivation. The presentations and Action! Group meetings were a terrific way to get questions answered, learn from others’ experiences, and avoid problem areas. This coaching program is a fantastic way to build a practice!”

D. Morgan-Birch; Tucson, AZ

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