Bridging Advice, Technology, Process, and Practice

We see Avenue Robo-4-Advisors as an interaction with, you, the wealth/investment advisor. This fundamental orientation leads us to establish Avenue’s means and methods with you and your business in mind.
In other words, Avenue is not a celebration of technology, but evidence that we understand how you want to “produce” your financial planning/portfolio/investment advice product. From here, the layering in of features, data, logic, and structures becomes ordered by the process; one element flows into another.
Engage us in your work and needs. Help us refine our understanding of what you want. Lead us into your own story. Together, we grow a collective inspiration day by day.
 We thank you for your consideration.

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To Know Us
Wealth Planning Consulting, Inc.
To Know Us
Kirk Loury
Founder and CEO
To Know Us
Sam Matangi
Co-CTO and COO
To Know Us
Nikur Mody
Co-CTO and Development Executive